Mallory Zondag Portfolio

Mixed Media Fiber Artist and Designer

A Mask for Eddie

wool, wax, moss and mushrooms. 2018

A second skin made with wool, wax, moss and mushrooms. This piece was made for the Eddie Jowels album cover, released August 2018. The mask was wet felted on a plaster cast made of Eddie’s face through the process of life casting. Once his face was recreated in wool, wax fabrics, threads and papers were stitched to the surface along with foraged moss and shelf mushrooms to create a skin of decay. A textural illustration of opposing forces, a duality. Bringing to life, tactilely and visually, the artists tagline “Eddie’s the worst, so you don’t have to be.”

Eddie’s album is available on Bandcamp and for listening on Spotify and Google Play.

Photos by Kaity Barnes

Created at The Root Community


Suspended Painting

fluid acrylic on canvas. 7’x10’ 2018

What is the most logical way to paint a 7’ by 10’ canvas? Suspended over it by a series of ropes and pulleys in a barn/woodshop/studio of course. This piece was painted on a canvas I custom made to function as a decorative and functional rain tarp. It was stretched over the sound stage at the 2018 Limb Snapping music festival held at The Root Community in the Mohawk Valley. The process of painting this piece involved a series of ropes and pulleys set up in three corners of the high ceilinged barn at The Root. I was suspended between all three and moved across the surface of the canvas by friends and artists operating the ropes, like a human 3-D printer. I had in hand containers of premixed fluid acrylic paint, popsicle sticks and a compressed air gun for manipulating the poured paint.

Special thanks to Peter Ossi and Kristian Isringhaus who built the system to allow for painting while flying and to Sam Bruckman, Stacey Jansen and Matt Vitti for belaying and documenting the process.


Worlds Within Trees

tree stumps, acrylic and resin. 2018

When you slice a tree open, could there be small universes inside? Swirling galaxies and microscopic realities contained within the rings, unseen and unknown before being cut open.

These tree stumps were collected from the woods and chainsawed to create a level surface. The center was routed out and the internal well was then filled with fluid acrylic paint. Finished with a layer of resin, these tree stumps became forest furniture. Adding art to hidden spots in the trees and hidden pieces of the forest to indoor spaces.

Thanks to Kristian Isringhaus for the chainsaw assist and The Root Community for the space and inspiration.

Created at The Root Community


The Order of Growth

wool, silk, oyster shells, moss and wood. 18”x 34” 2018

From deep oceans life sprang forward. Patches of green emerged from the waves like the backs of turtles. Those mossy tree covered patches grew animals with pink flesh, exponentially. No matter how many we are or who we are, in the end we are bone. Food for the mushrooms.

A progression of textured fabric to illustrate the passing of time and the cycle of the natural world. Created through wet felting, needle felting and stitching. Created in the woods at The Root Community.



wool and glass beads, 2016-2017

Abstracted forms of nature, mossy patches, groves of coral and barnacles, clusters of flowers.

photography by Adam Atkinson


Custom Wedding Dress


This dress was a 100% custom design and custom fit piece. It was a wonderful experience to create a truly unique wedding dress that was made in three parts, a lace covered bodice with a tulle skirt, a removable skirt with a long train for the ceremony and a tea length flared skirt for the reception. In the middle of the wedding, I removed the hem of the tulle over skirt to allow the bride the freedom to dance and spin with her new husband on the dance floor. The lace and the satin buttons for the bodice were taken from the bride's mother's wedding dress and hand stitched to the new dress. This dress brought together two generations of materials and styles together and was worn to bring two wonderful people together. 

Photos by LuRey Photography


Felted Eyes for Hulu's Original Series, The Path

October 2016

These eyes were 100% handmade through the process of wet felting and some very detailed cut work. Using space dyed wool roving, each eye had a unique color scheme and pattern and each eye was hand cut with the symbol of the cult from the show. They were worn by cast and extras on the season finale of season two of The Path. Catch the episode on Hulu.


Warm Dark Earth


“They sat together on a tree branch dripping over the edge. They were slowly being pulled into the earth like spilling honey. She glanced down at their feet and saw a red fox streak through the woods like a comet against the plush green grass. They sat above the cosmos, watching, waiting.”

My senior thesis at Pratt Institute was a collection made from entirely natural and biodegradable materials. Every color was achieved through natural dying and every texture and pattern was handmade specifically for this collection. The pieces were inspired by and based on a short story I wrote my senior year. Read the story by clicking the button below to see the inspiration for the clothes and to understand the progression of each look.

Photos by Adam Atkinson of Happily Ever Atkinson

Modeling by Molly Glover and Blair Christopher


Pratt Institute


A collection of my work from Pratt Institute Fashion, freshman and sophomore creations.

Photography by Armen Elliot